Best In Show

Awards & Honors


Anderson Ludgate has been honored with several awards of marketing distinction, including "Best U.S. Launch" for our work on the Porsche Macan introduction. We use that recognition as a means to our customers' end, ensuring that we outpace expectations to realize your market share optimization goals.  We never relent in our dedication to innovatively create, track, and secure your campaign success.

Nothing matters if it doesn't reflect in your market share


Creativity is the starting place, but the best campaign is just an expense if it doesn't create market momentum. We use ground-breaking market research and analytic precision to develop your campaign and execute to your market goals. With a proven record of consistent success, this approach invests in your campaign while also ensuring your campaign ROI.

Segmentation is success


Have you redeveloped your targeting goals to consistently win your key segments?  Let's discuss how our text analytics, digital campaign mechanics, proprietary data bases and algorithms can help you reach  and retain every relevant segment of your market - including the elusive millennials that can represent upwards of 60% of your market share.  Our #NextGeneration tm marketing constellations ensure you get there. Used in synergy with our comprehensive Market Deflection Factors tm, an Anderson Ludgate analysis gives your campaign the ultimate chance for success.

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