Why Choose Anderson Ludgate Healthcare?


Social Media Integration

Like any successful marketing initiative, social media is an integral necessity. However, the healthcare industry has unique challenges along with unique opportunities. Our life sciences team brings a range of social media and technology-integrated experience to this exciting new world of hybrid marketing.  


All marketing consultants are not equal

It's clear that patient privacy is critical within the healthcare marketing universe.  Our experts have unparalleled experience and understanding in this area and in our proprietary patient record control system. This means that when you use our EMR data, you are globally protected by cloud technology security that exceeds the toughest standards in the pharmaceutical industry.  Let us shepherd your brand to both brand security and brand optimization.


Optimized Multi-Channel Approach

Our experts integrate all marketing channels that touch your healthcare brand including:

  • Managed Care
  • Government Regulations
  • Vertical and Horizontal Integration
  • Healthcare Cloud Technology Security and Data Lake Integration
  • Portfolio Maximization
  • Staff Experts on Affordable Care & Healthcare Reform Impact
  • Digital Media Optimization & ROI