Anderson Ludgate Solutions Always Start With Innovation

Strategic Campaign Insight


Our innovation consistently drives successful outcomes.  Our seasoned professionals have decades of experience developing and driving platinum brand and 

product strategy.

Social Media Innovation


Fresh perspective effectively targets the right audience with strategic, data-driven messages.  Winning outcomes require it, 

Anderson Ludgate delivers it.

Digital Marketing Integration Campaign ROI Optimization


With strict attention to your campaign outcome, we deliver consistent market share precision along with innovation to optimize both your campaign and your 

marketing investment.

Fast Track Segmentation


The best, fastest and most consistent way to gain market share momentum is to identify and strategically impact your key segmentation variables. Alpha & Delta Segmentationtm, Change Leadertm and Decision Leadertm insights are more reasons to choose Anderson Ludgate. Let's discuss how these market tools can work for you.

Decision Deliverables


Market research insight must be actionable or it's just a line item in your budget.  Every insight we deliver comes with definable metrics and a tracking and optimization plan. Don't wait until after to measure your campaign - that's too late to course correct.  Our action plans and decision insight deliverables prevent message and market share problems before they occur.



Every member of our staff is a tested professional who has been in your shoes, addressing your market issues.  We combine that perspective and unequaled experience with the most cutting-edge digital marketing tools, including social media, DTP/DTC, and proprietary closed-media digital systems.  With patent-pending digital media mechanics and PhDs from some of the best think tanks in the world, you have unlimited and unprecedented access to revolutionary marketing distinction. 

Market Research & Predictive Analytics


Market Research has to be as close to real-time as possible to be most effective.  At Anderson Ludgate, we can deliver topline results within 24 hours.  With our proprietary methodologies, we can also achieve quantitative results with qualitative data.  That optimizes both your market research timeline and your market research budget.

Text Analytics


Your message is your brand's call to action.  We have a range of text analytic tools that yield the freshest market perspectives.  Tied to outcomes, our algorithms are your best resources for optimal brand, product, message, and campaign effectiveness.

Interactive Dashboards


Because our evidence-based marketing approach is rooted in a technology interface, your campaign is tracked and course corrected within a tool that sits directly on your dashboard.  Updated in real-time with fresh market research and predictive analytics, our patented technology lets you pilot your brand with the most effective tools in the industry.

Closed Circuit Smart Room tm

Anderson Ludgate also offers a range of signature closed-circuit direct media, social media, and direct to physician systems

  • SmartRoom tm 
  • #NextGeneration tm
  • DirectMD tm
  • PatientSync tm
  • Unified Interactive Marketing Technology tm
  • Google Ad Words Partner